Mark an order item as being ready to ship.

The API responds by sending purchase order details in the response:

PurchaseOrderIdUnsignedFalabella Seller Center
PurchaseOrderNumberStringOrder number in
Falabella Seller Center


Error codeMessageExplanation
20E020: "%s" Invalid Order Item ID
21E021: OMS Api Error Occurred
23E023: "%s" Invalid Order Item IDs
24E024: "%s" Invalid Delivery Type
25E025: "%s" Invalid Shipping Provider
26E026: "%s" Invalid Tracking Number
29E029: Order items must be from the same order
31E031: Tracking ID incorrect. Example tracking ID: "%s"
73E073: All order items must have status Pending or Ready To Ship. (%s)
63E063: The tracking code %s has already been used
91E091: You are not allowed to set the shipment provider and tracking number and the delivery type is wrong. Please use send_to_warehouse
94E094: Serial numbers specified incorrectlySerial numbers were not specified according to one of the accepted formats for the SerialNumber parameter.
95E095: Invalid serial number format (%s)Serial numbers must be 1 to 26 characters; only latin letters and digits allowed.
96E096: Duplicate serial number among order items (%s)Two or more items in the order would share a serial number.
119E119: Some order items are not yet ready to be processed, please try again later. (%s).One or more order items are not fully handled by Seller Center, so they cannot be processed yet.
121E121: Invalid Package ID format (%s)The Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) must be 36 character strings containing numbers, letters and dashes.
122E122: Invalid Package ID (%s)