Get the customer details for a range of orders.
Substantially different from GetOrder, which retrieves the order items for an order.

TotalCountUnsignedDisplayed in the Head section, this number tells the complete number of all orders for the current filter set in the database
OrderIdUnsignedIdentifier of this order as assigned by Falabella Seller Center.
CustomerFirstNameStringThe customer's first name.
CustomerLastNameStringThe customer's last name.
OrderNumberUnsignedThe human-readable order number.
PaymentMethodStringThe method of payment.
RemarksStringA human-readable remark.
DeliveryInfoStringDelivery information for that order
PriceFloatThe total amount for this order.
GiftOptionBoolean1 if item is a gift, 0 if it is not
GiftMessageStringGift message as specified b the customer.
CreatedAtDateTimeDate and time when the order was placed.
UpdatedAtDateTimeDate and time of last change to the order.
AddressBillingSubsectionNode that contains additional nodes, which make up the billing address: FirstName, LastName, Phone, Phone2, Address1, Address2, City, PostCode, Country
AddressShippingSubsectionNode that contains additional nodes, which make up the shipping address: FirstName, LastName, Phone, Phone2, Address1, Address2, City, PostCode, Country
NationalRegistrationNumberStringRequired in some countries.
ItemsCountIntegerNumber of items in order.
StatusesArrayUnique statuses of the items in the order. (hint: you can find all of the different status codes in the response example)
PromisedShippingTimesDateTimeTarget shipping time for the soonest order item if they were available
ExtraAttributesStringExtra attributes which were passed to Falabella Seller Center on getMarketPlaceOrders call.

It is JSON string which client should parse it.
ExtraBillingAttributesStringNode that contains extra billing information: LegalId FiscalPerson, DocumentType, ReceiverRegion, ReceiverAddress, ReceiverPostcode, ReceiverLegalName, ReceiverMunicipality, ReceiverTypeRegimen, CustomerVerifierDigit
OperatorCodeStringThe operator type name ag.: facl, fape, etc.
ShippingTypeStringThe shipment type name. ¹

¹ - This field can be used to differentiate the fulfillment mode and put rules to consume or not the stock of your integrated stock management systems, follow the examples:

  • When the ShipmenType is Dropshipping these kinds of orders are Fulfilled by the seller;
  • When the ShipmenType is Own Warehouse, these orders are Fulfilled by Falabella on behalf of the seller.


Error codeMessage
14E014: "%s" Invalid Offset
17E017: "%s" Invalid Date Format
19E019: "%s" Invalid Limit
36E036: Invalid status filter
74E074: Invalid sort direction.
75E075: Invalid sort filter.