Set the invoice document allowing upload of PDF format.


To sign the requests, the string to sign is:

  • The concatenated result of the following request headers, ordered by name:
    • Action,
    • Format,
    • Service,
    • Timestamp,
    • UserID,
    • Version
  • And excluding the signature parameter.

Names and values must be URL encoded according to RFC 3986 standard, concatenated with the character '='. Each parameter set (name=value) must be separated with the character '&'.

Then, with the help of the API Key, compute the Signature using SHA256 algorithm.

Allowed document types by country

  • Chile and Peru: BOLETA, FACTURA and NOTA_DE_CREDITO.
  • Colombia: FACTURA and NOTA_DE_CREDITO.

Allowed status and order types

  • Upload is allowed for orders that have gone through "shipment confirmed" or "ready to ship" status, depending if the order is fulfilled by Seller or Falabella, respectively.
  • Upload is not allowed for orders where issues the invoice on behalf of seller.