Returns detailed information about a specified feed.

FeedStringFeed ID.
StatusStringStatus of the feed, can be: Queued, Processing, Canceled, Finished or Error
ActionStringType of call which created the feed.
SourceStringSource from where the feed was created, for API created feeds this will be "api".
TotalRecordsIntegerTotal amount of records that are in the feed.
ProcessedRecordsIntegerAmount of successfully processed records in the feed.
FailedRecordsIntegerAmount of records which failed processing in the feed.
FeedErrorsSubsectionContains all errors which happened during the processing of the feed.
FeedWarningsSubsectionContains all warnings which happened during the processing of the feed.

Feed Errors

Error codeMessage
12E012: Invalid Feed ID

Feed Warnings

The following SKUs have been excluded...SKU-123