Get all or a range of products.

The fields of the result have the following type and meaning:

SellerSkuStringSeller's unique identifier
ShopSkuStringShop's unique identifier
NameStringProduct's name
BrandStringProduct's brand
DescriptionStringProduct's description
TaxClassStringTax class applied to the product
VariationStringProduct's variation

*For products in the fashion/footwear categories instead of "Variation" come "Color", "ColorBasico" and "Talla".
QuantityIntegerThe sellable stock in the Seller warehouse
FulfillmentBySellableIntegerThe sellable stock in the Venture warehouse
FulfillmentByNonSellableIntegerThe non-sellable stock in the Venture warehouse
ReservedStockIntegerThe stock reserved for pending orders in Seller Center
RealTimeStockIntegerThe stock reserved for pending orders in the Shop not imported in Seller Center yet
AvailableIntegerThe sellable stock in the Shop (Quantity + FulfillmentBySellable - ReservedStock - RealTimeStock)
PriceDecimalThe product's regular price
SalePriceDecimalThe product's special sale price
SaleStartDateDateTimeStarting date for the special sale
SaleEndDateDateTimeEnding date for the special sale.
StatusIntegerProduct's status: 'active', 'inactive' or
ProductIdStringEAN/UPC/ISBN of the product, if it exists
UrlStringLink to product on venture website
MainImageStringLink to main image of product
FobPriceDecimalThe product's FOB (Free On Board) regular price, before conversion.

* You need to be FOB seller to get this fields
FobSalePriceDecimalThe product's FOB (Free On Board) sale price, before conversion.

* You need to be FOB seller to get this fields
ImagesMultiple Image ElementsAll images of the product (including the main image)
PrimaryCategoryStringThe product's primary category
CategoriesStringThe product's additional categories (comma-separated)
ProductDataMultiple Attribute ElementsThe product's attributes, each being a separate child element.
QCStatusStringThe QC status of the product at the time of the call.
"pending", "approved", "rejected"
isPublishedIntegerApproval (publication) status of the product.
0 - not approved for publication
1 - approved for publication
BusinessUnitStringThe BU where product needs to be published
Ex: "Falabella"
OperatorCodeStringThe store code where the product needs to be published.
Combination of Business unit (FA) and Country code (CL)


Error codeMessage
17E017: "%s" Invalid Date Format
19E019: "%s" Invalid Limit
14E014: "%s" Invalid Offset
36E036: Invalid status filter
70E070: You have corrupt data in your sku seller list.


Not Transactionalized

The list of products may change while paging through it using multiple calls with a changing Offset parameter.