Returns all or a subset of all feeds created in the last 30 days.


No Transactionality

The list of all feeds may change while paging through it with this endpoint.

FeedUUIDThe feed's identifier.
StatusStringThe feed's status. One of 'Queued', 'Processing', 'Canceled' or 'Finished'
ActionStringThe action that created the feed.
CreationDateTimeDateTime in ISO 8601 format of the feed's creation
UpdatedDateTimeDateTime in ISO 8601 format of the feed's last update
SourceStringThe feed's source. One of 'api' or 'csv'.
TotalRecordsIntegerNumber of entries to be processed.
ProcessedRecordsIntegerNumber of entries already processed.
FailedRecordsEmbedded CSV FileIn case of errors or warnings, a CSV file is base64 encoded and returned between the File tags.


Error codeMessage
13E013: Invalid Feed Status
14E014: Invalid Offset
15E015: Invalid PageSize
46E046: Invalid CreationDate value
47E047: Invalid UpdatedDate value