Not all Falabella Seller Center users can call all API methods.

There are no anonymous API calls. Each API call is performed as a specific Falabella Seller Center user (specified by the UserID parameter and signed by a matching API key). The user must have a certain role to be able to call a method, as detailed below:


Methods available

Seller API Access


Seller API Product Access

GetProducts, ProductCreate, ProductUpdate, ProductRemove,
Image, GetBrands, GetCategoryTree, GetCategoryAttributes, GetAttributes, FeedList, FeedOffsetList, FeedCount, FeedStatus, FeedCancel

Seller API Order Access

GetOrders, GetOrder, GetOrderItems, GetMultipleOrderItems, SetStatusToCanceled, SetStatusToReadyToShip, SetStatustoShipped, SetStatusToFailedDelivered, SetStatusToDelivered, GetFailureReasons, GetShipmentProviders