Returns sales and order metric for a specified period.

The repsponse contains the following fields:

StatementNumberStringStatement Identifier
CreatedAtDateTimeWhen the statement was created.
UpdatedAtDateTimeWhen the statement was last updated.
OpeningBalanceDecimalThe opening balance.
ItemRevenueDecimalThe revenue generated by the item.
ShipmentFeeDecimalCost of shipping.
ShipmentFeeCreditDecimalShipping credit, if any.
FeesTotalDecimalSum of Payment Fee & Return to Seller
Subtotal1Decimal(Sum of Item Revenue, Other Revenue) -
RefundsDecimalSum of all refunds, if any.
FeesOnRefundsTotalDecimalAccumulated fees on refunds issued.
Subtotal2Decimal(Sum of Subtotal1) - Refunds
ClosingBalanceDecimalClosing Balance
GuaranteeDepositDecimalGuarantee Deposit
PayoutDecimalAmount to be Paid Out to Seller for Statement
PaidBooleanPayout Status of Statement. 1 is Paid. 0 is Not Paid


Error codeMessage
4E004: Invalid Timestamp format
62E062 No seller was found by e-mail %s