Returns sales and orders metrics for a specified period.

The statistics are returned in the response as follows:

ActiveIntegerNumber of active products
AllIntegerNumber of all products
DeletedIntegerNumber of deleted products
ImageMissingIntegerNumber of products with image missing
InactiveIntegerNumber of inactive products
LiveIntegerNumber of live products
PendingIntegerNumber of product pending
PoorQualityIntegerNumber of products with poor quality
SoldOutIntegerNumber of sold out products
TotalIntegerTotal number of products
CanceledIntegerNumber of canceled orders
DeliveredIntegerNumber of delivered orders
EconomyIntegerNumber of Economy shipping type status orders
ExpressIntegerNumber of Express shipping type status orders
FailedIntegerNumber of failed orders
NoExtInvoiceKeyIntegerNumber of orders with no external invoice key
NotPrintedPendingIntegerNumber of not printed pending orders
NotPrintedReadyToShipIntegerNumber of not printed ready to ship orders
PendingIntegerNumber of pending orders
ProcessingIntegerNumber of orders in processing
ReadyToShipIntegerNumber of ready to ship orders
ReturnRejectedIntegerNumber of orders with return rejected
ReturnShippedByCustomerIntegerNumber of orders shipped by the customer
ReturnWaitingForApprovalIntegerNumber of orders with return waiting for approval
ReturnedIntegerNumber of returned orders
ShippedIntegerNumber of shipped orders
StandardIntegerNumber of orders with Standard shipping type
TotalIntegerTotal number of orders
TodayIntegerNumber of order items pending in the last 24h
YesterdayIntegerNumber of order items pending in the last 48h
OlderIntegerNumber of order items pending for more than 48h
ACCOUNT HEALTH *Statistics grouped by Day, Week, Month and Alltime*Gives the values for:
TwoDaysShippedPercentage - Percent of orders shipped within 48h
ReturnPercentage - Percent of orders returned
CancellationPercentage - Percent of order canceled
PercentageDecimalPercentage for the statistic
TextStringA text label for the percentage grade


No specific errors.