Returns a set of Manifests.

Request Data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The XML tags have the following meaning:

ManifestTypeStringEither 'forward' or 'return'. Mandatory. If omitted, or if an unsupported manifest type is supplied, an error 'E086: Manifest type "[supplied type]" is not valid'.
StatusStringWhen set, limits the returned set of manifests to loose manifest, which Return only entries which fit the status provided. Possible values are 'forward_ready_to_ship', 'forward_received', 'forward_shipped', 'return_ready_to_ship', 'return_received' and 'return_shipped',.
LimitIntegerThe maximum number of manifests that should be returned.
OffsetIntegerNumber of manifests to skip at the beginning of the list (i.e., an offset into the result set; toghether with the Limit parameter, simple resultset paging is possible; if you do page through results, note that the list of manifests might change during paging).

Response Data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <ReturnReason>Product not available</ReturnReason>
        <CreatedAt>2013-09-02 02:28:17</CreatedAt>

The XML tags have the following meaning:

ManifestIdUnsignedIdentifier of this manifest as assigned by Seller Center.
ShipmentProviderStringParcel service which is used to ship the manifest.
TrackingCodeStringIdentifier to track the progress of shipping the manifest.
OrderItemsSubsectionNode that contains identifiers of all order items which are send within the manifest as well as the return reason.
StatusStringStatus of the manifest.
CreatedAtDateTimeDate and time when the manifest was created.

Error Codes

Error CodeMessage
0Invalid Manifest Type: %s
0Invalid Manifest Status: %s