Returns sales and order metric for a specified period.


Not Realtime

The returned metrics are not computed in real-time, but are pre-calculated at regular intervals.

The metrics returned with the response are as follows:

StatisticsTypeStringTime frame of Metrics.
Day = Today, Week = This Week, Month =
This Month,
All Time = Since Account Opened
SkuNumberIntegerNumber of SKUs in Seller's Catalog
SkuActiveIntegerNumber of SKUs active in Seller's Catalog
SalesTotalIntegerLocal Currency Value of Sales for a
particular Statistic Type
OrdersIntegerTotal Number of Orders received for a
particular Statistic Type
CommissionIntegerTotal Amount of Commission Paid for a particular Statistic Type
ReturnsPercentageDecimal% of Orders returned for particular Statistic Type
CancellationPercentageDecimal% of Orders canceled for particular
Statistic Type


No specific errors.