My products are not displayed

It is important to bear in mind that when sending the products to SC.
These must have a minimum score for these to be published automatically.
To verify this we recommend.

  • Login to your SC account.
  • Menu > Products > Manage Products > the list of products will be displayed.
  • Click on the icon in the visibility column.
  • You can also enter the product edition and its score will appear based on the information it has.

Link Images

For new products, the steps to link the images by recommendation are as follows:

  • Send the product creation.
    • Wait for the webhook onProductCreate with status success.
      • Then apply the update of the same, sending only the images.



  • Have a minimum size of 200x200 and a maximum of 2000x2000
  • The supported formats are the following jpg, png, gif.
  • The first image transmitted is the one defined as the default of the product (primary, base, main)
  • When using the Images endpoint, all previously associated images are discarded and replaced by the new ones received.
  • There is a strict limit of 8 images for each product, in case of having more the rest will be rejected.

Further information about image configuration in SC:

Price and Tax

You must bear in mind that the price of the product sent to SC must contain the value of the tax.

Below we leave an example of the value that must be sent as the price of the product.




  • The price must be represented in decimal format (example 100.00, 50.00)