Brands in SC

We must bear in mind that each SC in each country has different brands which are administered by our system, so we recommend taking a few minutes and reviewing the brands enabled in each of them.

What brands can be linked in SC

The brands approved according to the SC of each country can be corroborated as follows.

  1. Login to your SC.
  2. Go to Menu > Settings > Integration Management.
  3. API tab.
  4. Inside the Api Explorer section.
    to. In the Action field select from the GetBrands dropdown.
    b. Click on the button Regenerate Signature.
    c. Click on the button Execute.
  5. This will consult all the brands available in SC that are pre-approved and authorized.

Custom branding

There is the option of adding your own brand and registering it so that in the integration process it will be successfully validated.
What you should do is contact the KAM assigned at the time of account creation at SC

Trademarks authorized in my SC account

To view the trademarks for your SC account, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Registered SC.
  2. Menu > Settings > Your Profile.
  3. Find the Brands tab.


How to get brand approval

Certain brands require legal accreditation for their commercialization in Linio. In case you create or update a product under these brands you can save it, but it will not be visible on the page until the Legal Department authorizes it.

If you are one of the sellers who wish to have the authorization to commercialize these brands, send us one of the following media through your account executive: (i) License to use a registered trademark, (ii) Registration Title of a trademark., (iii) Contract for trademark use between the seller and the owner of the same. The contract must be signed by a legal representative or the owner.

Besides, we require (iv) an Image use license to be able to use brand photographs in your content. If you do not have it, send us (v) the responsive letter in which you agree to take the photographs for your SKUs, in protest of telling the truth.

Our legal area will review the documentation and may approve or reject it. We will let you know this resolution through your commercial advisor, if approved, we will proceed to unlock the brand so that you can sell it.